Runs from Thursday June 9 2016 to Saturday June 11 2016


The Roxy on Gateway
8529 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton AB T6E 6P3

Performance Notes

Dichotomy of a Dance

Choreography/Performer: Abbie Cogger

Cinematographer: Abigail Markowitz

Assistant Director: Jake-Ryan Lindsey

Sound Operator: Jenna Taylor


Choreography: Dario Charles

Dancers/Interpreters: Jennie Bourassa, Sofia Cabaj-Guerra, Courtney Clark-Smith, Skye Demas, Emily Gwilt, Jerica Hoskin-Turenne, Kalyna Howell-Matwichuk, Bethany Knudsen, Robyn Learn, Maya Lindell, Diana Murgu, Kaelyn Nicolson, Daniel Palladino, Gina Roppo, Kira Senger, Nadiya Shore, Jessica Smith, Megan Vickery, Caitlin Walker, Yi-Ming Wu, Leyla Yasa

A dichotomy of the mundane and the fantabulous in a series of vignettes - how does what you see become impacted by what precedes and follows it?


Wild Rabbit Dance Projects

Creator/Performer: Jane Alison McKinney

Collaborators: Joel Cormier and Robin Streb (music); Marie-Josée Chartier and Heidi Strauss (outside-eyes)

“‘for there she was...a tribute to endurance, survival, and joy.” Developed through the Perspective Series Residency in Saint John, NB, and the Artscape Sandbox Creation Initiative in Toronto, ON.


Created & Performed by: Julie Ferguson + Dylan Parsons

The joyful weightlessness that comes when travelling and exploring unknown lands. Put on your snorkel and enjoy the sand between your toes. Get lost, get found, get leid.

The Hopeless Dream of Being

Choreographer/Performer: Hilary Anne Crist

Performer: Janelle Hacault

Lighting and Sound Technician: Jaymez

A cryptic battle between the true and tortured self. An impression of a dream you can almost remember, and the reminder of a dream you’ll never forget.

Something Strangely Familiar

Choreographer & Filmmaker: Kate Kosinski

Dancers: Genny Cunliffe, Lily Golightly, Beth Knudsen, Yi Ming Wu

A time warp of our most intimate recollections of the past.

Approximate running time: 60 minutes

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